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One of the most important aspects of having a good website is for your viewers to be enticed from the moment they hit your landing page. You have a 5-second window to get their attention…and keep it. If there is too much clutter to sieve through, this can easily deter your viewer. Let’s be honest, you want to share as much information with your viewer as possible, however, you need to be careful not to create an information overload. Your viewers want information quickly and it must be straight to the point. (No one is going to comb through pages of content or tediously click links- We become bored too easily)

So, we have come up with five easy tips on how to keep it simple. You may be one or two tweaks away from a captivating website!

KISS – Keep it simple stupid πŸ™‚

  1. Invest in a fast page loading speed – That’s a no brainer and no further explanation needed.
  2. Funnel your viewer to where they need to be – This is having simple steps from your landing page to navigate your viewer to where they want to be or what they are interested in on your website. Be it, getting to your gallery, associates, sponsors, referrals, testimonials and especially your contact details. You want those steps to be as simple and as clear to your viewer as possible.
  3. Direct attention to the right content or image – This will create more interest and give your website a longer viewing time by individuals. Get their attention to what matters and the reason that they are on your website in the first place.
  4. Simplify your content – Shorter sentences with the right keywords are imperative. The content needs to be easy for your viewers to read.
  5. Be original – Everyone loves something new and different. It’s exciting! Add elements of surprise and uniqueness to your website.

There you have it. In the world of websites, less really is more! Keep it simple, yet effective, create awareness by getting to the point and give your viewers what they want, a happy user experience and a unique interaction with your website πŸ™‚