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This week Pxl takes a closer look at the elusive balance of being a creative.

This quotation by Matisse sums it all up. Being creative does take courage, tons of it. Yes, there is the artsy, cool, glamour side of creative where you come up with the coolest effects, visual content, and the list continues. You get to be uniquely you. Cool clothes and coffee shops haha… Creatives don’t really fit a specific mould. They are all pretty “out there” to say the least. They really do come in all shapes, forms, colours and sizes.  

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse 

What I would like to shed some light on, is what you don’t see, and that is an innate sense of rejection that a creative goes through on a daily, nay, hourly basis. Let’s face it, not everyone likes the same things. What I think is beautiful, may not be beautiful to the next person. This is where being a creative becomes more of a challenge than you could possibly imagine. A creative literally needs to make people fall in love with what they have created, and by people, I mean, the team who approves it and everyone in the whole world that’s going to be seeing it. 

Pour your heart and soul into everything you do – but also, don’t take it too personally.

That’s a ton of pressure, a load that even 10 cups of strong coffee wouldn’t be able to lessen ( I have seen this with my very own eyes) These ladies and gents can definitely handle copious amounts of stress and pressure. They are up all hours of the night and ready to go into battle mode when a crisis hits. It takes a special kind of human to be a creative, in more ways than one. 

Give credit where it is due. 

It also takes a serious amount of skill to be open-minded enough to envision a concept or create someone else’s vision with such diversity that it appeals to the masses. That is no easy task. It is very important to rationalize everything you do, from font sizes to menu positions, to background patterns and call to actions – the list goes on. Grabbing data and being analytical about your approach to design allows for less room for “what ifs”, and this needs to be acknowledged by all parties. It’s pretty amazing how one change to a design can take it from good to great, and all of these features get played around to get the perfect design. 

I admire creatives. All of the time and effort, hours spent zoning in on one tiny little bug to bring the whole project together. We are lucky to have them! Creatives who bring beauty into our world by turning our imaginations into a tangible and visible reality. 

My hat goes off to you all! Please take a bow while we give a round of applause and a standing ovation.