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This blog is more personal and close to the Urban Pxl home. 

This year has probably been one of the hardest years for most of us. The worldwide pandemic literally shook the world right off of its feet.

Life, as we know it, has changed and we had to adapt, dramatically. Economic changes probably affected most the hardest, job losses, financial cuts etc… That’s been massive stress this year. Not to mention the constant worry about the health of your loved ones. I know I went into panic stations, especially with having a newborn baby at home.  

Not being able to see family and friends was a big hit and cut deep (goodness we even missed our work colleagues) It’s been a very emotional and perhaps a bit traumatic for a lot of people. So, the question remains? 

Is this the season to be jolly? I know that a lot of people will be without there loved ones on Christmas, but in the bigger scheme of things, For us?… Yes, we have a reason to be jolly. 

I came across this post on Facebook, and it hit hard. Amongst all of the negativity being put into the universe, this made me look at our entire situation from a more positive perspective.  

“Plot twist, 2020 has actually been the best year of your life, you’ve faced challenge after challenge, you’ve adapted, and you’ve overcome. 2020 had forced you to grow exponentially. Don’t take that for granted” ~ Brandon Hopson @beeehop

These few words made me realize that even though times were hard, it had actually helped us to grow in many ways. We adapted, we made a plan, we hustled! It made us appreciate the smaller things in life. Yes, there were many times where it got frustrating, but it taught us patience, especially being confined to our homes. 

So this festive season (even though at times it may not feel festive) let’s take the time to celebrate what we have overcome, to celebrate the lives of our loved ones and to celebrate ourselves. We deserve a pat on the back for making it through one of the hardest yet most liberating years. Thank you 2020 for all the trials and tribulations and hard lessons learnt. 

Here is to an evolved and happy 2021!